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                        We are a small group of technology specialists and engineers who primarily create                         complex internet applications for insurance companies and universities. Over the                         last 8 months we have also been working on expanding our expertise in the area of                         social networks and three dimensional online environments.                           We develop software on the Microsoft platform, using Windows Server 2008.                                         
                        As part of this effort we have created a next generation virtual world which we                         had originally developed to use in business applications. However, we have recently                         decided to use this technology to create an online virtual world for families. This                         was motivated primarily because we could not find a virtual world similar to this                         on the internet.                                         
                        Our commitment is to create a family friendly environment which will be something                         the entire family will enjoy.                                         
                        The game will be free, just as you have experienced. We will not be accepting advertising,                         as we believe this is inappropriate when children are involved. We have put together                         a solid business model for this effort and you can rest assured that the Virtual                         Family Kingdom will not disappear in three years.                                         
                        We know that you will have many questions, and we will be releasing information                         about the upcoming beta release on a continual basis, so check back often.                                                              

About The Game
                        The Virtual Family Kingdom is about fun, entertainment, adventure and building friendships.                                         
                        Our goal is to build an environment where parents and kids can be inspired and develop                         their imagination as they discover, explore and most importantly, have fun.                                         
                        One of the primary reasons we have created this site is that we wanted a place where                         our families could enjoy the latest technologies on the internet. After carefully                         reviewing what was available we decided that the answer was for us to build that                         happy place.                                         
                        The sincere hope we have for this effort is that it will be an outstanding entertainment                         experience for the entire family.                                         
                        If you have questions regarding this site, please use the contact form here. We value your input and hope you enjoy this site.                                         
                        Because we are building out this site and technology as quickly as we can we may                         not answer all of your questions as quickly as we would like, but rest assured it                         is not from lack of desire, but only lack of hours in the day.                                         
                        Obviously we will be looking for staff to support this effort as it moves forward,                         so if you are interested, please let us know using the contact us submission form.                                         
                        Remember, the magic is in your family!